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 V I D E O G R A P H Y 

Black Kioti Productions create filmography that is personal to you and your business. We take you from concept to the final film with ease, comfort and reassurance while maintaining a reliable and trusting relationship with a professionalism that is hard to find elsewhere. We are passionate about creating something that is your brand, and we pride ourselves on creating something that you had always envisioned the finished product to be. 

To look at more videos produced by Black Kioti Productions please visit our Vimeo web page by clicking on the link below. 

B E S P O K E   C A R S


A short promotional film portraying the unique, luxurious heritage of Bespoke Cars.

"Bespoke Cars have a close working relationship with Black Kioti Productions. Sam's work is always of the highest quality, this first film being exactly what we wanted - the ultimate advert for Bespoke. Sam is great to work with and I would recommend him to anyone." Marcus Fothergill / Bespoke Cars

C R O S S F I T   B A T T - H U L L   R O Y A L E 


A clash of the titans. A battle of the best between Crossfit Barbaric, Crossfit Humber and Crossfit Hull .  

K I N G F I S H E R   L A K E S


A summer getaway in the heart of East Yorkshire. This was a great project to be involved in down at Kingfisher Lakes. An amazing Glamp site situated next to lakes and countryside is the perfect place to go with family and friends.

F L O R E N C E   A N D   B E L L  


It was a pleasure working on this film. A sunny evening of laughter and fun. Florence and Bell are a fantastic new company bringing to life the excitement of a bell tent party. ​

R A I S T H O R P E   G O O S E B E R R Y   G I N  


A summer smasher and a drink. Black Kioti Productions has been working closely with Raisthorpe creating new an exciting videos for their drinks collection. 

J O A N N E   C O A T E S


A  brand new 'How to' with Joanne Coates beauty therapist  

 C L I E N T S 

C R O S S F I T   B A R B A R I C  


​Its time to unleash your inner Barbarian! Set those goals for the new year and lets go to WORK!

L A K E   S H I F T  


In association with Kioti Sky, Black Kioti Productions presents LAKE SHIFT.

H A I N S W O R T H   P A R K   


A short promotional video for Hainsworth Park Golf Course situated in Brandesburton. A combination of ground and aerial footage together creates a beautiful and elegant film, showing off some of Hainsworth Parks wonderful holes.

G O O D W I N   1 6  


The annual Goodwin Harvest is now part of the woodwork for Black Kioti Productions. Here is the broken down version of the highlights taken from this years harvest.

P A C K I N G T O N   F R E E   R A N G E 


Black Kioti was approached by Rob and Alec to create an advert for their family business, in keeping with their honest, natural and hard-working ethos. They were delighted with the finished video.

N F U   /   2 4   H O U R   F A R M I N G


"We were delighted with the video produced for us to promote food and farming in Yorkshire. Sam Conner was great to work with, the footage was excellent and the finished product was highly acclaimed, with thousands flocking to view it as the centrepiece of our promotional campaign timed to coincide with the Tour de France when it visited the county."


Rachael Gillbanks

NFU North East 



This film was produced over a period of three days, using locations with an urban theme. The video explores the luxury and bespoke qualities that this Range Rover Sport has to offer.

G O O D W I N   1 5


Bringing life to another year of three 'P' farming from MB & J Goodwin / Precision, Precise and Perfect.

S U P E R   R E E L S

S U P E R   R E E L S



Black Kioti Productions now offers S U P E R   R E E L S. What’s better than pictures?... MOVING PICTURES! Super Reels are part of the new range of video production created for families, friends and basically anybody...! Black Kioti Productions captures the essence of life, the natural smiles, the belly hurting laughter and of course it’s all 'reel' footage. Be it an adventure or simply a walk, we are here to capture everything and create a long lasting video for you to treasure for the rest of your life.




As soon as a camera is mentioned it is very easy to be put off and feel nervous....but don't be! Because here at Black Kioti Productions we are very friendly and not scary at all.  


Just give me a call and I can fit myself around you and your family or friends, then I come down for a couple of hours and we have laughs, a few smiles and the best thing about it... you don't even have to look at the camera. The essence of a S U P E R   R E E L is that everyone is comfortable and natural, this gives a really great feel to the video and makes the memories even more enjoyable. Then I take the footage away and edit the footage with music, presenting you with a DVD and a video file of your Super Reel to watch over and over again.



Visit our Vimeo page to take a look at our S U P E R   R E E L S.


Watch the video below to see exactly what a S U P E R   R E E L  is. This is one of our recent videos capturing Hornsea Inshore Rescue and how they practice with the Search and Rescue Helicopter. 
 / 07796441667
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