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K I O T I   S K Y 

In association with Black Kioti Productions, Kioti Sky offers exceptional aerial photography and videography. As a fully qualified BNUC-S Drone Pilot Kioti Sky can capture the ultimate footage in aerial photography. Pictures and video are now available from a different perspective. Kioti Sky is able to produce professional quality aerial shots for any type of client. Kioti Sky has invested in an excellent professional drone which can capture up to 4K resolution. 

As part of Kioti Sky's development process, projects were undertaken to enable practise and skill improvement.  The video below was part of said projects. MB & J Goodwin LTD have an excellent association with Black Kioti Productions and it has been a pleasure to capture their harvest process for the past couple of years. Filming their machinery has enabled us to practise and learn about our trade in aerial photography. Without the availability of this wonderful machinery and landscape Kioti Sky would not be able to have developed our skill in order to gain our UAV License. The video below is an example of our work from last year. 


B E S P O K E   C A R S

This project was undertaken for Bespoke Cars. The availability of aerial photography has really helped this project jump from great to epic. The contrast of ground and aerial videography gives the whole project a well-rounded balance of elegance. 


Coneygarth Lakes and Lodges is a beautiful holiday park that has been developed to the very highest standard. The holiday homes and lodges have beautiful views of the park’s lakes and waterways. The best way to capture such a unique holiday park visually had to be from above, and the final outcome looks great! With the use of the UAV we were able to capture the charm and quality this holiday park has to offer. / 07796441667
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