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 G A M E    S E A S O N 

As part of our diverse portfolio Black Kioti Productions dives into the exciting and beautiful winter sport of game shooting.  Providing personal and beautiful bespoke leather bound books of those special occasions for clients and families, we believe in producing the best quality when it comes to game season so a day’s shoot can be remembered forever and re-lived every time a book is opened.


We also produce videos to further enhance the day or for companies looking to promote a quality day’s shooting to their own clients.

Pictures above are a selection of images taken at various shoot days Black Kioti Productions has capured.  Being natural and un intrusive is the main key when working at Game Shoots. Working around the guns and letting them enjoy their day and not have to worry about the camera or where the photgrapher is.  


Our photography of country pursuits and game shooting is something we consider to be our unique product. With our rural background we understand

the raw passion and excitement that comes with a days shooting. We capture everything from the morning coffee, to the cold crisp mornings, and the memories shared with friends in a way that is distinctive to you and your day. Everything is then edited to the highest standard and presented to you in a high-quality, bespoke timeless book that you will cherish forever. 




Pictures are taken and edited with an array of diversity for each client. Keeping the essence of the day without being intrusive. Understanding etiquette and the way a shoot is carried out is reasuring for clients as they feel comfortable and forget. A relaxed picture with a real smile is exactly what Black Kioti Productions wants and strives for.

 G A M E  V I D E O G R A P H Y 

This was a video created for Raisthorpe Flyers to promote their simulated game shooting day.  The video captures a day in the life of a gun, starting the day off with breakfast and coffee in the country lodge. Followed by a day of spectacular shooting challenges and a wonderful lunch. The video is the perfect way to experience what you can expect from the day and offers a great marketing oportunity for clients and buisnesses.  Raisthorpe Flyers were very happy with their video and was enjoyed at the CLA Game Fair from passers by. / 07796441667
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